Mountain Week

Mountains at EXPO 2015

Browse and read a collection of best practices presented during the events of the Mountian Week

IMD 2016

Reading Mountain

Alpine Convention

Leggere le montagne

Mediterranean Mountain's network - Ventimiglia 12.11.2015

A network for Mediterranean Mountains

Italian Ministry of the Environment Land and Sea

Common Visions and Projects for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas in the Mediterranean region


H2O_ Hydropower 2 Open


Between intelligent countrysides and cutting edge mountains

Earth Day -Italy

Good practices that can be found in the context of rural communities by Earth Day Italia, partner of Mountain Week, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry


Workshop Mediterranean Mountains: Climate Change, Landscape and Biodiversity

Italian Ministry of the Environment Land and Sea

A partnership for enhancing Sustainable Mountain Development in the Mediterranean


VisMont Conference / Conferenza Vismont

UNIMONT - University of Milan Degree Course in Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain areas

Agricoltura, ambiente, territorio: una Visione innovativa per l’agricoltura di Montagna / Farming Environment Territory: an innovative vision on Mountain Farming


C’era una volta il turismo? Nuove opportunità di promozione del territorio

FAI Giovani Emilia Romagna

Nuove Opportunità di Promozione del Territorio